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Chef : Buakaew Nartpranin (Bua)
Chef : Buakaew Nartpranin (Bua)
Bua brought with her more than 20 years of Thai cooking experience from various restaurants in Atlanta, NY, NJ and northeastern Thailand.

Besides cooking for her three children with her exceptional homemade Thai cooking, Bua always enjoy cooking for a large group of people so much that it has become a part of her life.

Her philosophy is “to cook just as you would cook for yourself or your loved ones. Always cook with love and passion!” That’s what makes a difference in her cooking.

As a perfectionist, Bua’s impeccable attention to details led her to create the dishes she would proud to serve the King!

Fresh ingredient combines with the right amount of spice and herb is the key of her Thai cooking, including many that are grown fresh from her herb garden!

We invite you to come in and experience the difference for yourself!
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